Wednesday, August 2, 2023

💰IMSPARK: Imagine... Addressing Financial Insecurity in America 💰

💰IMSPARK: Imagine... Addressing Financial Insecurity in America 💰

  • Imagined Endstate:

  • 💡Imagine a future where every household in the United States has the financial stability and resources to meet their needs, build wealth, and participate fully in society. 

  • Link:

  • 🔗 Link to The New Wealth Agenda 

  • Source:

  • Aspen FSP. (2023). The New Wealth Agenda.

  • What's the Big Deal:

  • 💥 Financial insecurity affects over half of U.S. households, threatening their basic needs and perpetuating inequality. The New Wealth Agenda offers a comprehensive framework with eight key objectives to increase wealth ten-fold by 2050 for households of color and those in the bottom half of the wealth distribution. This agenda aims to foster financial stability, tackle debt, provide startup capital, offer wealth-building career pathways, promote equitable homeownership, ensure retirement security, explore shared ownership strategies, and leverage new innovations to protect and grow household wealth. By pursuing these objectives, we can create a future where all households have the opportunity to thrive financially, fostering inclusion, agency, and dignity for everyone. 🏠📈💰 


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