Thursday, March 28, 2024

🧊IMSPARK: Protecting the Pacific from the Thaw🧊

🧊Imagine... Protecting the Pacific from the Thaw🧊

💡 Imagined Endstate: 

A future where innovative geoengineering projects like insulating curtains have successfully stabilized critical glaciers, safeguarding Pacific island nations from rising sea levels.

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Landymore, F. (2024). Scientists Propose Desperate Plan to Insulate Entire Doomsday Glacier. Futurism.

💥 What’s the Big Deal: 

The Thwaites Glacier, also known as the “Doomsday Glacier,” is melting at an alarming rate. It threatens to raise sea levels by two feet and destabilize the West Antarctic Ice Sheet❄️, which could lead to an additional 10 feet of sea level rise. This poses a dire threat to low-lying Pacific island nations🌏. 

The proposed plan to insulate the glacier with 62-mile-long curtains is a bold and innovative approach to climate change mitigation. While the $50 billion price tag is steep, it pales compared to the potential cost of inaction🌴. If successful, this geoengineering feat could buy precious time for the world to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition to sustainable energy sources🌞. It’s a testament to human ingenuity and a call to action for global cooperation🛡️in the face of the climate crisis.

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