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Saturday, November 4, 2023

🔀IMATRIX: Transforming Organizations🔀


🔀IMATRIX: Transforming Organizations🔀

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Guggenberger, P., Maor, D., Park, M., & Simon, P. (2023, April 26). The State of Organizations 2023: Ten shifts transforming organizations.

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Shift Number

Shift Title


Illustration of Real-World Implementation


Increasing speed, strengthening resilience

Rapidly adapting to changing market conditions

Swift response to shifting consumer demands


'True hybrid': The new balance of in-person and remote work

Implementing flexible work arrangements

Adoption of a hybrid work model for employees


Making way for applied AI

Integrating AI-powered tools for process optimization

Use of AI in predictive maintenance for machinery


New rules of attraction, retention, and attrition

Redesigning employee engagement strategies

Innovative employee benefits and retention programs


Closing the capability chasm

Developing in-house skills or partnering for needed expertise

Collaboration with universities for skill development


Walking the talent tightrope

Balancing workforce diversity and skill requirements

Diversity and upskilling initiatives


Leadership that is self-aware and inspiring

Fostering a positive organizational culture

Leadership development programs and inclusive culture


Making meaningful progress on diversity, equity, and inclusion

Advancing diversity and inclusion initiatives

Diversity-focused hiring and inclusion programs


Mental health: Investing in a portfolio of interventions

Providing employee mental health support programs

Comprehensive mental health support for employees


Efficiency reloaded

Streamlining operations and optimizing resource utilization

Lean manufacturing principles and supply chain optimization




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