Saturday, August 5, 2023

🧒IMSPARK: Imagine….Baby Bonds as a Means to Counter Child Poverty🧒


🧒 Imagine….Baby Bonds as a Means to Counter Child Poverty🧒

💡Imagined Endstate:

Baby Bonds, a proposed policy for government-funded savings accounts for children under 18, has the potential to serve as a strategic method to close the racial wealth gap in the United States.

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Morningstar PDF Document


Mitchell, L., & Szapiro, A. (2020, September). Baby Bonds: A Path to Racial Equity? Morningstar Policy Research. 📊

💥What's the Big Deal:

💰 This policy proposes a program that could promote economic mobility for lower-income families and reduce child poverty. This policy proposal analyzes the impact of Baby Bonds on the racial wealth gap using data from the Panel Survey of Income Dynamics. It reveals that Baby Bonds could significantly reduce the gap in total wealth by one-fourth and by two-thirds when excluding home equity. 💼To enhance equity and efficiency, the authors suggest supplemental payments for older children, investment options, and integration with college savings plans. 🌟Baby bond legislation has passed in California, Connecticut, and Washington, D.C. Another eight states have introduced legislation, including Iowa, New Jersey, New York, Wisconsin, Washington, Delaware, Nevada, and Massachusetts. The American Opportunity Accounts Act is a bill that proposes to establish tax-exempt savings accounts for American children under 18, funded by the federal government and available for specified purposes. 

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