Monday, January 15, 2024

🌴IMSPARK: Communities Prepared for any Climate Disaster🌴

 🌴Imagine... communities prepared for any climate disaster🌴

💡 Imagined Endstate: 

Pacific Islanders have access to reliable early warning systems, resilient infrastructure, and adaptive livelihoods that enable them to cope with and recover from the impacts of climate change and disasters.



Bucci, N. (2020, December 18). FEMA makes advancements for climate resiliency. Homeland Security Today. 

💥 What’s the Big Deal: 

Climate change poses a serious threat to the Pacific Islands, where many people live in low-lying coastal areas that are vulnerable to sea level rise, storm surges, and flooding. 🌊 FEMA’s efforts to enhance climate resiliency can provide valuable lessons and best practices for the Pacific region, 🌏 such as integrating climate risk into disaster planning, investing in nature-based solutions, and engaging communities in resilience-building.🏠

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