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Monday, November 6, 2023

🌊IMSPARK: Bridging the Digital Divide for Veterans with NITA🌊

🌊Imagine…Bridging the Digital Divide for Veterans with NITA🌊

💡 Imagined Endstate:

Veterans across the nation have equitable access to the digital resources they need, empowering them to thrive in healthcare, education, employment, and community involvement.

📚 Source:

National Telecommunications and Information Administration. (2022, May 17). Notice of Funding Opportunity: State Digital Equity Planning Grant Program.

🔗 Link:

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💥 What's the Big Deal:

Through this grant program it has the potential to ensure digital equity can become a life-changing force for veterans. The program works to expand access to crucial digital services 🌐, empowering them to find employment 💼, become active members of their communities 🏘️, obtain high-quality healthcare 🏥, and make positive contributions to society. This guide is a vital tool in bridging the digital divide for our heroic veterans 🦸, making it a significant and impactful endeavor. It empowers them to unlock better healthcare, access enhanced educational opportunities, improve their job prospects, and increase their community involvement 🤝, ultimately enabling them to thrive in every aspect of their lives.


Wednesday, October 18, 2023

🌐 IMPRES: UNDIS Part 4: Applying Digital Inclusiveness 🌐 (VIDEO)

🌐 IMPRES: UNDIS Part 4: 

Applying Digital Inclusiveness 🌐 


 📢 Welcome back to IMPRES: Imagine Pacific Presentations!

In today's episode, we're exploring the final lessons of the United Nations Disability Inclusion Strategy, focusing on Applying Digital Inclusiveness. 💡 Synopsis: Discover how adhering to digital accessibility standards and guidelines can create more inclusive digital platforms. Explore the importance of digital accessibility standards and guidelines like the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCG) in creating more inclusive digital platforms. Dive into the comprehensive standards provided by the WCG for making digital platforms, websites, and online resources accessible. Learn about assistive technologies, alternative text, keyboard navigation, and captioning for videos, all vital for inclusive design. Learn about our experience in developing tools that promote digital accessibility, as seen in a community collaboration project. 🔍 We outline the activity's objective, simulating an individual's experience using a digital access intake tool. Gain a better understanding of the challenges faced by people emphasizing the importance of digital accessibility in healthcare.

Sunday, October 1, 2023

💻IMSPARK: Imagine Increased Office Access Pacific Islands💼

 💻IMSPARK: Imagine Increased Office Access Pacific Islands💼

Imagined Endstate:

💻Imagine a future where remote work enables professionals from geographically separated Pacific Islands to access employment opportunities and work from anywhere, bridging the distance between these islands and the mainland. 💼




U.S. Chamber of Commerce. (2023). The Future of the Office Survey. 📚

🤝What's the Big Deal:

The rise of remote work presents a transformative opportunity for professionals in geographically separated Pacific Islands. 🏝️With increased access to employment opportunities and the ability to work from anywhere, individuals living on these islands can bridge the geographical divide and tap into a broader job market. As highlighted by the survey, the future of office spaces emphasizes flexibility and adaptability, enabling professionals to thrive regardless of their physical location. 💻By embracing remote work and leveraging technological advancements, we can empower individuals in Pacific Islands to overcome geographical barriers, foster economic growth, and create more inclusive work environments.🌏 This shift towards increased access to work holds the potential to transform lives, bridge gaps, and promote equal opportunities for professionals in geographically isolated regions. 🚀

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Friday, September 22, 2023

💻 IMSPARK: Addressing the Gap in Pacific Internet Adoption 💻

💻 Imagine… Addressing the Gap in Pacific Internet Adoption 💻


💡 Imagined Endstate:

Imagine a digitally connected Pacific region 🌏 where every island nation and its people are seamlessly integrated into the digital world, harnessing the power of the internet to empower their communities and drive progress.

🔗 Link:

Visual Capitalist 🌐

📚 Source:

Ang, C. (2023, August 7). Bridging the Digital Gap in the Pacific: Internet Adoption Trends. Retrieved from

💥 What's the Big Deal:

In today's digital world, access to the internet is fundamental for economic, educational, and social progress. 📈 Yet, despite its prevalence, there are still regions, including parts of the Pacific, where significant segments of the population remain offline. 🌊Using data from the Pew Research Center, this graphic provides insights into internet adoption trends in the Pacific, shedding light on who is digitally connected and who is not. 👵Age remains a significant factor, with older generations less likely to be online compared to younger ones. Income levels also play a role, impacting access to the digital world. 📝Education emerges as a key driver of internet adoption. Those with higher education levels are more likely to be connected, highlighting the importance of digital literacy and education programs. Interestingly, gender and race do not show strong correlations with non-adoption. 🌏Join the effort to create a digitally inclusive Pacific, where every island nation and its people are connected and thriving in the digital era.

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

IMPRES (Imagine Pacific Presentations): United Nations Disability Inclusion Part 3 (VIDEO)

🌐 IMPRES: UNDIS Part 3: 

Applying the UN Disabilities Inclusion Strategy 🌐 


🌐 Welcome back to Part 3 of IMPRESS (Imagine Pacific Presentations), where we continue our journey through the United Nations Disability Inclusion Strategy. In this episode, we focus on practical applications.
🔍 Understanding the Framework: We dive into the United Nations Disability Inclusion Strategy Accountability Framework, highlighting the crucial role of digital access within the "inclusion" category.
🌟 Empowering Participation: Explore how digital access empowers individuals with disabilities to actively participate in society. It amplifies their voices, enhances communication, and bridges geographical limitations.
📊 Data for Impact: Discover how digital technologies enable efficient data collection, analysis, and dissemination. This is crucial for assessing disability, inclusion, and humanitarian contexts accurately.
🌍 Universal Design and Accessibility: Learn how universal design principles, accessibility, and reasonable accommodation are implemented by the UN to create inclusive digital platforms for everyone.
👋 Closing Thoughts: As we wrap up Part 3 of IMPRESS, remember to like, subscribe, and explore more episodes on the Imagine Pacific Pulse (IMPULSE). Thank you for joining us on this journey of inclusiveness and digital access!
🚀 Don't forget to scan the QR code on your screen for more content on the Imagine Pacific YouTube Channel.
Thank you for being a part of our inclusive community!

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Wednesday, September 6, 2023

🎓 IMATRIX:Community ADA Training - September/October 🎓


 🎓 IMATRIX - Community ADA Training - September/October 🎓








Great Lakes ADA Center for All

Accessible Residential Housing - 09-07-2023

This training focuses on making residential housing more accessible for all, including Pacific communities. Learn about accessibility standards and practices that can benefit the Pacific region.


Course Link


Great Lakes ADA Center for All

What You Should Know About the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

Gain insights into the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act and its implications, which can be relevant in various employment situations, including the Pacific region.


Course Link


Great Lakes ADA Center for All

A Review of Conflicting Court Cases Related to the ADA

Explore court cases related to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and their impact. Understanding ADA-related legal matters can be valuable in the Pacific as well.


Course Link


Great Lakes ADA Center for All

Microsoft Inclusive Design: Cognitive Exclusion

Learn about inclusive design and how to avoid cognitive exclusion in digital products. Inclusive design principles are relevant globally, including in the Pacific.


Course Link


Great Lakes ADA Center for All

Maps for All – Building Accessible Maps

Discover how to create accessible maps, which can be important for navigation and accessibility in Pacific regions.


Course Link


Great Lakes ADA Center for All

Ask ADAl Questions RE: The Interactive Process Employment Accommodations-

Get answers to your questions about the interactive process for employment accommodations under the ADA. Understanding ADA processes can be beneficial in the Pacific.


Friday, September 1, 2023

♿ IMSPARK: IMAGINE... Telehealth Access for the Pacific Disabled Community ♿


♿ IMAGINE... Telehealth Access for the Pacific Disabled Community ♿

1.💡 Imagined Endstate: 

Imagine a future where telehealth becomes an accessible and accepted standard of care for individuals with disabilities, empowering them to receive quality healthcare services remotely

2. 🔗 Link:

(1): VA Elevating Telehealth Training, Improving Veteran Care

(2): Telehealth & Disability: Recommendations for Providers

3. 📚 Source:

a.      Clapper, J. (2023, July 12). VA elevating telehealth training, improving Veteran care.

b.     Telehealth Resource Center. (2021, September). Telehealth & Disability: Recommendations for Providers.

4.     💥What's the Big Deal:

Telehealth has the potential to improve healthcare access for vulnerable populations, including individuals with disabilities, but communication barriers hinder its full utilization. Around 61 million US adults have disabilities, necessitating improved telehealth strategies to cater to their unique needs. 🌐 Recommendations for providers include assessing necessary products and services, considering assistive technology compatibility, and incorporating accessibility features. Providers should also involve caregivers, enhance cultural sensitivity, and offer auxiliary aids like sign language interpreters and real-time translation services. ♿ Effective communication can be achieved through remote interpretation services, video-based appointments, and written materials in advance. In addition, organizations like the VA and the University of Hawaii are actively working to expand telehealth services in the Pacific, overcoming geographic isolation and limited resources to advance healthcare accessibility and equity.


Friday, August 4, 2023

💻 IMSPARK: Imagine... Digital Access for All 💻

Imagined Endstate:

🌟 Imagine that every household in Hawaii has access to affordable, reliable, and high-speed broadband internet. Imagine that the digital divide is bridged and that everyone can benefit from the opportunities and services that the internet offers. 📱 Imagine that Hawaii becomes a leader in innovation, education, and sustainability through the use of broadband technology.


🔗 Broadband Hui 📚Internet


Broadband Hui. (n.d.). Home. Retrieved July 12, 2023. 📚

What's the Big Deal?

💥 📧 Broadband access is a big deal because it can improve the quality of life, economic development, social equity, and environmental sustainability of Hawaii. 💻 Broadband can enable telehealth, distance learning, telework, e-government, e-commerce, and other online services that can enhance health, education, employment, civic engagement, and commerce. 📱 Broadband can also support innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, and collaboration across various sectors and industries. Broadband can help Hawaii achieve its goals of becoming more resilient, self-reliant, and carbon-neutral. 📝 This is the vision of Broadband Hui, a coalition of stakeholders from various sectors who are committed to advancing broadband connectivity and digital inclusion in Hawaii. 🌍 🚀 🌐 💡


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Monday, July 31, 2023

🗺️ IMPRES (Imagine Pacific Presentations): Part 1- UN Disability Inclusion Strategy: Fostering Inclusiveness through Digital Access🗺️

🗺️UN Disability Inclusion Strategy: Fostering Inclusiveness through Digital Access - Part 1🗺️

🌊 What you are about to observe is a nuclear blast in the Bikini Atoll located in the Marshall Islands, one of the Compact of Free Association COFA nations. The aftermath of the history of nuclear testing at Bikini Atoll illustrates the difficulties faced by the OCFA nations in areas like health disparities and economic disparities.

🌍 These countries are the epitome of why the United Nations Disability Inclusion Strategy Exists. Including persons with disabilities with digital access, we can bridge gaps and resources, provide information and support, and help them actively participate in society.

📚 Welcome to Imagine Pacific Presentation or IMPRES. I'm going to be providing today's class on exploring case part 1 of applying the United Nations Disability Inclusion Strategy, fostering inclusiveness, and assessing the impact of digital access on disabilities and marginalized communities.

Here's the agenda for the course:

Part 1: Overview and Learning Objectives 🎓 

The Overview 🌐

This course introduces leaders and change agents to the UN Disability Inclusion Strategy. Participants will explore practical ways to foster an inclusive environment by applying principles and strategies outlined in the U N Strategy as a case study. It examines the disparities in disability access in the wake of the effect of the nuclear bomb blast. At the confirmations, with consideration to the lack of broadband infrastructure, the course will explore the impact on disabilities in terms of access to health, employment, and other aspects of quality of life.

The Learning Objectives 🎯

Here are the learning objectives for the course:

      1. Understand the key principles and strategies outlined in the U N Disability Inclusion Strategy.
      2. Recognize the lack of inclusion's impact, specifically focusing on the COFA nations and the areas of digital access.
      3. Explore how the Disability Inclusion Strategy can be applied when considering digital access and providing some tools and methods for inclusion.

🌐 The United Nations has a strategy on disability inclusion that is multifaceted. The strategy includes a policy accountability framework and implementation modalities. It was developed with input from over 60 United Nations entities and member states. The strategy intends to empower persons with disability through mainstreaming procedures and targeted measures of effectiveness and employs intersectionality as a means to consider different social entities and incorporate universal design into policies and programs to ensure equal access and meet diversity needs.

🖱️ Digital accessibility can be utilized as a means to achieve the objective of the UN Disability Inclusion Strategy. If the strategy aims to promote the rights and inclusion of persons with disabilities and focus on fostering an inclusive environment and empowering individuals, consider digital access as it creates inclusion through access and representation in the digital society, ensuring inclusion with broadband infrastructure and connectivity.

📜 The benefits of digital access are that it enables access to digital healthcare and services and information and enhances employment opportunities in the digital economy. It empowers individuals with disabilities with bolstered resilience and independence, resulting in an overall improvement in the quality of life.

🔬 IMSPARK: Unveiling New Climate Insights🔬

🔬 Imagine... Unveiling New Climate Insights🔬 💡 Imagined Endstate :  A world enlightened by groundbreaking climate science, guiding target...